I've never been protected as much as this in my entire life. You may not a writer, nor good in any words at all. You may not a painter nor good with any media at all. You may not a photographer, even smartphone you're not using any of them. You don't have any desire in anything except your family and rugby.

Eventhough you're as dull as grey,
you help me to go through out my life,
you protect me like no one ever dare to hurts me,
you love me with sincere and deepest heart,
you hold me closed to your heart,
you been one of my greatest teacher for my salah and  journey of life,

and there so much more than being just as sweet as you may ask, as sweetest thing that hold you high and let you go from really high above than any reality  able to hold. 

You help me to be me, help to remember who I am, help me with the world. 

I now figuring out you may not as creative as I want a painter, a photographer, a poet, a sweet talker, a friend, a best friend, a lover, and just so you know.

because, you more than that. It's ok, let me be just right for you. A painter, that paint ever each of your detail. A photographer that will photograph all the moments. A poet that will draw your love in words. A sweet talker to melts your heart. A friend to cheer you up. A bestfriend to listen to your problems. A lover, to love you to the fullest. A cat to be super unpredictable and clingy. A makmum to follow you up during salahNf much more. InshaAllah if He may. 

Thank you.

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